You met this great woman a few weeks ago and want to make her feel special on this mythic Valentine’s Day…while not overdoing it. For those of you who are hesitating: Please do not take the excuse this it is overly commercialized not to celebrate it. Even if it’s just been a few days, the last you can do is giving her a single flower and take her on a restaurant date.

Here are a few things you could get her (14 in total)

  • An edible arrangement

It’s fun, beautiful and edible. Tip: Ladies love the chocolate covered strawberries

Edible Arrangements: Strawberries covered with Chocolate

Edible Arrangements: Strawberries covered with Chocolate

  • A scarf

More than a mere piece of tissue, a scarf is a wonderful outfit enhancement and she will surely use it in this icy weather. A fine elegant scarf does make all the difference.

  • A Flower arrangement sent to her

It’s inexpensive and appears like a well-thought idea. Have it deliver in the morning. It will keep her smiling for the whole day.

  • A box of Chocolate … Make it high-end , please.

There are plenty of tons of kind of chocolate. You want to woo her with gourmet chocolate… Not the corner store quick-fix chocolate.

  • A nice decorative candle set

Gift of romance, candles will enhance her home and make it smell beautifully. The best choice will be hand-made, soy or beeswax, with a personal message on the candle holder.

  • Motivational Art Item

For a career-oriented lady, it’s always nice to receive a motivation piece from a person who cares about her and tries to convey a positive energy for her to thrive.

Motivational Wall Item.

Motivational Wall Item. Source:larmoiredelapetitepa


  • Romantic Movie Basket

I got the idea from BHG! It’s very thoughtful, super cute and hyper romantic. Pick up her best romantic movie, two small bottles of Champagne and her favorite sweets.

  • A watch

If she is always late or checking for the time on her phone, she might as well use a watch.

  • A nice notebook with motivational thoughts

This will surely make a wonderfully unique gift. Give her this everyday tool that will inspire her to thrive.

  • A Jewelry Box

Smart and creative, this gift idea is totally appropriate. From very classy to wooden-rustic, there’s a type of box for every lady’s taste. You may even fill the box with pieces as time goes…

  • A Nice Fragrance

This one is risky. You will need to be observant to get the right “smell”. If you have noticed, she have different perfumes and can’t settle on a particular one, I’d recommend getting her a collector edition of fragrances from Sephora. You’ll even get a chance to make your own arrangement of portable/samplers perfumes for her.

Sephora-Fragrance-Sampler-Set. Source:

Sephora-Fragrance-Sampler-Set. Source:

  • Slippers Boots

It’s not too late in the season as it’s still freezing out there. So why not bringing some warmth to her. It may sound old school but these slipper boots will be the comfort she is looking for.

  • A Tea Class

Tea is a real art in some Asian cultures. If your lady loves tea, she will love to hear all about it.

There are also classes adapted to cheese, wine, coffee lovers…

  • A Valentine’s Day Card

With a cute message coming straight from your heart, it can be sooooo romantically beautiful.


  • A Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear

Soft, warm, comforting, a big teddy bear can be a beautiful gift for the right, affectionate lady.


Those are the few ideas my romantic soul have thought bout but they are plenty out there. Remember…. It’ not about the amount of money you spent, it’s about the gesture. You want to see a nice smile on her face.