It’s been a few weeks already that you have started dating that awesome guy. You’re thinking about showing him that you care without scaring him away or breaking the bank ( not necessary at that stage!)

- A tie

Make sure your date is well “tied-up”! Make sure to choose a tie that goes with his style. He will think about you every time he wears it.

- Shopping coupon

Assist him in his awesomeness and get him a coupon of a reasonable amount to a nice man’s clothing store. (eg. Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales…). If he doesn’t have the patience, go with him.

- Tickets to a game (Baseball or basket)

It’s almost the season…So why not?

- A Beer-Making Kit

How manly!? Is he a beer connoisseurs? Then he’ll adore it.

Beer Making Kit - afternoon-wheat-web-slider

Beer Making Kit – Source:


- A Valentine’s Card with a couple of dating coupons

Hand-write a sweet message telling him in a smart way what he represents for you….without spooking him out. Add 4 dating coupons on which you offer things he likes to do. (ex. Watch a whole baseball game, Breakfast in Bed, Home dinner Date, 1 hour massage)

- Super Bowl Pint Glasses

For the utmost delight of your date, everytime he opens his cupboard. Whether he is fan of the New England Patriots or not, he will cherish these as a Football fan. They are memorable.

- Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Ideal for music aficionados. With these, he can enjoy music, podcasts and even calls from the comfort of his shower.

- Mets CuffLinks

Only if he is a fan of the Mets…..

Mets Cufflinks - Source:

Mets Cufflinks – Source:


- A silver bracelet

It will show appreciation and projection in a long-term commitment.

- An hour at the massage parlor

Glasses of his favorite alcoholic drink
Whiskey, Cognac, Vodka… Not matter the drink it’s always nice to have a nice set of glasses for service.

- A Wallet

A classy and stylish way to help him keep his cash and cards organized

- A High-Speed Driving Experience

With a breathtaking driving experience, give him the blast of his life. A Thrill!

- A Spa Day for men

Facials, mani-pedi are no longer a special treat for women. With a ticket to a full day of spa, you will show him that you approve of him taking care of himself and his handsomeness in a salon.
Check out the list of the best NYC Men Spa published by CBS.

These might be enough orders to choose from or at least spark some ideas. All you will please him in the best way, and even surprise him ;-).