Dating and relationship coaching remains a mystical profession for the average individual.

When hearing about dating coaching, people often think: “Why would I need one?”, “Really, they exist” …. Some may even burst into laughter!!

Well, there are experts in all fields. There is no problem when we think about fitness coaches, business coaches etc. So, why not in love and dating?

Dating coaches are experts in the art of approaching, seducing, developing a relationship (casual or serious) and all the aspects around dating. They can coach you in-person, over the phone, on-skype and via text messages. Their average hourly rate is $150 (hefty but it’s worth it)… Wouldn’t you spend $150 to find the love of your life?

Some will make you practice on them ( role-playing), take you on a mock-date or be your wingman, and watch how you play out in the real world;-)

They do not arrange dates for you, except if they are also matchmakers (yes, they can be both!!). A dating coach, per say, coaches people on finding their own dates.

Their training really differ. Some have a proper psychology/therapy  education, others have a dating coach certification and then you have those who  have trained themselves, went over a lot of hurdles and obstacles before coming up strategies to successfully attract their “targets”. Coaching styles and programs are different and often linked to the coach personality. It’s difficult to know if a dating coach is a good fit for you or not.  Smart tip: Most of them offer a free introductory/assessment session. It’s a great occasion to get a feel the dating coach’s abilities and his/her compatibility with you and, then, decide if you want to follow-up.


If we consider a one-on-one coaching session, here are the benefits, you may gain when using the services of a love professional:

1. They will motivate you, advise you and bring out the best out of you.

Many dating coaches are also life coaches. There is a good reason to that: They help you figure out who you are, how to be positive about yourself and thrive in this bitter-sweet world.

2. They help you build self-confidence  

They will help you accept yourself and also advise you on how to dress, appropriate forms of touch, postures and anything else that may improve dating prospects.

3. They give you tools to approach and flirt with a person that you like 

What you’ll learn will be socially awesome and life-changing.

4. They can be your wingman for a night

They can hang out at a bar, a night club, a wine tasting … and many more places in which you are likely to meet a suitable date. They can also work with you in everyday- life places: bookstores, parks, cafes, subway, on the streets… The goal is to make sure that you can naturally attract people …until you find the one!

5. They teach you how to break the ice and make great conversations 

You might not be a great conversationalist. You’ll be in good hands with dating coaches, as they are a great source when it comes to smart pick-up lines and conversation openers.

6. They can help you optimize your online dating profile 

Some will even draft messages to members for you – fitting your personality and interests. This will surely increase the quality of your online dating interactions.

7. They will definitely  increase your dating skills and success rates 

Of course, with all the advice and training you will be ready to attract and  conquer the man or woman of your dreams

8. They help you get a good understanding of men and women (depending on your “interest”) and courtship 

Dating coaches are socially-savvy. They go out, observe and know how the world functions, how people interact and react to situations. They constantly experience the art of seduction and attraction.

9. They are objective trained-professional (unlike most friends) 

Friends are great but only a few are truly great when it comes to dating skills. You may have friends that have helped you with no success or with whom you didn’t feel comfortable enough to practice. A dating coach will give you his real, uncut, honest opinion, and will encourage you to act on your wants and put aside your inhibitions.

10. They can help you decide what you are looking for. 

For those who are unsure… With their interpersonal skills, dating coaches will help you decide who you are looking for, the type of relationships you’d like and ways to attract your dates before you go out in the dating jungle. Adapting to your personality, they will also teach you how to expand your horizons.


Just like in fitness, you can get all those skills while reading countless blogs (like NYDL ;-)), watching back to back videos and reading very insightful books. However, just like with fitness, There is nothing like get coached – being accountable to somebody, getting all the knowledge from one source, getting all the information and boost you need to achieve your goals… all this in a well-spent hour!

I’d say being coached by a dating/love/relationship experts, if something every singles should try at least once… That will be a decisive step to take control of your dating life!!


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