Here we are… Spring started a little more than a month… and you’re still not dating or even close to land a date?!

What are you waiting for?

I know it’s been chilly again these past few days… but still!

All the dating experts, I have met, all agree on at least one thing… if you want to meet somebody, you need to put yourself out there! There’s no secret.

Of course, you can also spend hours online looking for a potential dater. (After all, 1/3 of serious relationship have started online.) Yet, don’t pass on the sunlight, long beautiful days (NYC it’s basically 5 months of good weather and 7 months of “crap” (cold, wind, freeze, snow, ice, storms…you name it!) Do you really want to pass on the 5 months of opportunity, with more singles out and a general good and reenergized mood?

Getting some fresh air, socializing, walking down the NYC streets, trying new spots will be very favorable to make a lucky encounter; plus, it will also have a positive effect on you.

Going out is so beneficial for your mind… That’s the way to go if you’re depressed by singlehood, want to change your mind or just want to socialize (yes I say it again… socialize!).

You should hang out in places depending on your personality. Let’s say you’re a sport-addict… I would recommend to bet on a fitness club or sport group. Not that you can’t find a sporty person elsewhere but you’re more likely to in a place where you can work out.

Join meet-up groups that are focusing on your centers of interests. There are even meet ups, dedicated to singles, which organize speed dating and singles parties’ events. If you want to go that way you can also take part of “non-meetup” dating events. Check out our event calendar!

Enough with the Fresh Direct orders! Get out there. Go to your local WholeFoods, Trader Joe’s, Fairway (or in other grocery store) and engage in a conversation with that cutie that seems very centered on yummy and/or healthy products. You got nothing to lose by just saying “Those are my favorites” Or “Have you ever tried those?” Make sure to keep the conversation going, if you feel a connection. And if, it’s really clicking don’t leave without a happy conclusion (Email, business cards, phone numbers, “date”, getting coffee together…”

If you’re studying, freelancing, “webpreneuring” or just chilling/reading a book in a coffee shop or library… Look around you never know who might be there.

The funny thing is that you can even meet that special someone in random places like the subway, on the streets, your corner deli, your local park… That’s why you should always look at your best… No one wants to approach or engage with a person who looks miserable (if you get what I mean!) Look fresh at all times!

Last but not least, go out to party spots… Clubs, lounges, bars… It’s a great place to mix and mingle with other singles. Many don’t believe in party spots as they are identified as hook-up places. Ok. True! Very few of us go to a club with the intention to find the love of our life … let’s be honest! Well, you might change your mind…recent studies have shown that 9% couples have met at a bar or club. I let you meditate on that!

Enjoy that beautiful week coming ahead of us and go out as much as you can!