Being single on New Year’s Eve is not the end of the world. So pick up yourself and have fun crossing the 2014/2015 threshold! Indeed, there are actually good sides in being dateless. Really!

Be creative and have a bite of the millions of possibilities offered by the Big Apple. The most important thing is to make the year 2015 start in a way that’s right and positive for you. You can review the meaning of this holiday for you and what matters the most about this celebration TO YOU. Think the thing that you wanted to do but never make the time for, or things that you absolutely do not want to do but feel obligated to (social “pressure”…).

I have 5 options for you (amongst many more). First of all, Are you in a party mood? Do you feel like hanging out with friends?

Feeling like partying?

Then go out with you friends. You have plenty of parties around the city.

See here some of the most awesome parties offered by NYC venues.

Enjoy, shake off the pressure, appreciate the good that 2014 offered you and welcome the great things 2015 have coming your way!

Feeling like taking time for yourself?

If so, there is nothing lame about it. Use this opportunity as a time to eat, drink and do what you love the most, like ordering  take out from your favorite restaurant, indulging yourself with your favorite dessert, drinking  fine French Champagne, watching your favorite movie on Netflix or HBO….

Feeling like treating yourself?

Making the time to unwind is an excellent opportunity to get ready to cope with the coming new year in a relaxed mood. How about the full-salon experience – 1-hour massage, a sea salt massage and a mani-pedi followed by a sauna? After this self-indulgence, you may not be up for the midnight bang but you will feel a deep sensation of wellness. It may also be a good time to set your goals for 2015 and finding ways to fulfill them and stick to them.

Feeling like going out alone?

There are so many places to explore in the City: restaurant, lounges, bars, clubs… (So you might as well!) What you can do with friends, you can do alone. And who knows… you might connect with your future other half.

Hanging out with other singles?

Many NYC singles are in the same exact situation as you are. Wondering how to make the most famous night of the year a blast for their inner self. Singles’ events are great to have and increase your chances of meeting a 2015 date. So try a single event party in the city…

Check out our latest articles about singles parties on New Year’s Eve in the city for ideas…

What ever you decide to do, make sure to wear a festive outfilt and “put” on your joyful smile… It’s New Year’s Eve!!!