My love for fashion started with lingerie. My first sketches of designs and for many years after were only of lingerie. I could have on a sweatsuit, sneakers and hair in a ponytail but underneath would be the sexiest bra and underwear ever. I strongly believe that our wardrobe actually begins with what you put on first…….your undergarments. The chase begins and ends with the underwear. Whether they are seen at the end of the night or not is irrelevant to the purpose of feeling sexy on your date beginning from the inner to the outerwear. Sometimes we focus so much on what to wear on the outside that we tend to overlook how important the undergarments are to the process as well. It’s very important to wear the proper undergarments with the proper outfits. So many questions come to mind when we think about underwear…

Do bras & panties have to match?   Is it something men expect?   Do I wear thongs because men find them attractive but I find them uncomfortable? With what outfit are boyshorts accepted?  Are boyshorts meant to be comfortable but not sexy?

And believe it or not men take their undergarments just as serious as woman. They want to be comfortable but sexy and fashionable as well so I hope this helps both sexes in finding and fitting the right pair for your innerwear needs.

Thongs: small sexy piece of material worn to attract or hide in outfits.

Boxers: comfortable, stretchy and cradle feature.

Commando: free-balling for men, free-buffing for females (No underwear).

Cotton Hanes: no undies-line, comfortable and adds definition to your shape.

Spanx:  shapewear, preventable bulge to ruin outfits.

Lingerie: sleepwear of the intimate apparel, sexually alluring.

Boy shorts: fun loving and active; shows off the tush.

Here are a few things you should absolutely not do when it comes to underwear.

  • Don’t keep ripped underwear
  • Don’t let your mother buy your underwear after the age of 18
  • Don’t oh please don’t re-wear (turn inside out) or febreeze your underwear
  • Don’t wear white if your accident prone
  • Don’t buy the wrong size
  • Don’t go commando if you sweat alot

Comfort is key. Nothing will kill your confidence more than a wedgie.

If you get it right, your underwear is the first thing that you put on and hopefully the only thing you’ll be wearing later!!!!!

Happy dating in N.Y.


Underwear Enhances Your Sensuality

Underwear Enhances Your Sensuality