Have you heard? The Pokemon phenomenon is back in a new, captivating format: Pokemon GO. Launched a couple of weeks ago, the Pokemon craze has gained several layers of the society from kids, to professional adults, celebrities (Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber…) to white House journalists. The app is already a nationwide phenomenon. It has taken over the USA (10 millions + downloads and growing exponentially), and has hit NYC hard. You may not be into it or haven’t seen them… but there are everywhere, Pokemons and Pokemon Go Players…

As we say at New York Dating Life, it’s essential to find a mate with whom you can share similar interests. So it was only normal to create an app for Pokemon Go players. This week, actually not one, but three different dating services have been launched.

Their concept is simple, being the essential link between the online dating and the real-world-encounters. Think a mix of Happn, Tinder and How About We? You get the match, the real time connection and the activity.

Today we’re going to focus on PokeDates.

Why PokeDates? Because they have specialists who matches users (not algorithms, not machines, not numbers but actual humans with a heart, a common sense and a brain!).

With this brand-new app, you may find your Pokemate and catch’em all together.

So How Does PokeDates work?

First. Pokemon Go players fill out a questionnaire about themselves and also define criteria about what they’re looking for in a Pokemate and their deal breakers are.

Second. They enter the dates and time when they are available to explore the virtual Pokemon Go World with their potential date.

Third. Actual Matchmakers review each questionnaire and set each user up with a PokeSoulmate.

Fourth. The Pokematch pair will both receive an email with details about their meeting point and time.

Last but not least… All you have to do is to show up and have a blast playing Pokemon Go together! Yay!

How Much Is It?

The regular price is $20, but to celebrate the launch of the app and the comeback of the Pokemon era, you can be set up on a first date for free, by using the promo code “Pokedates 2016”. Plus, if you have Pokefriends, you’ll get an additional free date for each person you refer to the app.”

So Who’s Behind This Genius Idea?

Project Fix-Up: a matchmaking company specializing in creating adventurous dates (like rides, etc.) and matching singles with similar interests… So PokeDates is totally in line with what the type of experiences they’ve been providing to their clients since they creation in 2012.

Things You Should Know

You must be 25-year old to play

The good side of it is that no matter how your date goes, you’ll have a couple of hours of fun playing Pokemon Go around the City with a like-minded stranger.

How cool is that?!!