Who said women couldn’t use pickup lines?
Women are actually more likely to open a conversation leading to something, than men. Why? Because we know their tricks and overused lines, and they tend to surprise us less than ladies’ well-thought approaches.
It doesn’t take much for a woman to go up to a man, get his attention and break the ice.  So ladies. Make things happen.
Here are few of the most effective way to open a conversation::
  • How about a casual “Hi!”? Have you thought about greeting him with a beautiful smile… Simple but effective.
  • “Can I buy you a drink?” Men love a woman who takes charge. Let’s see how he reacts to that. You can even go further by asking if you can buy him a beer.
  • That gorgeous handsome man has been staring at you for an hour. Just walk up to him and ask “When are we going out?” . Warning: He may stay speechless for a few seconds ;-)
  • Compliment his outfit. Be bold, smile at him and say something like “Hey nice shirt” or “ This shirt looks great on you”.
  • You can talk about something that just happened. You’re on the street s or in a bar. Somebody does something which seems crazy, smart or completely stupid. Grab that chance to place your line.
  • Pretend you’ve met him before. Old Classic!!! Well at least you get noticed on a “relevant” point.
  • Make a comment about an event you are both attending
  • Write a note and deliver it via the waiter. “ Wanna go out sometimes? 807-503-1960 . Mellie”
Be confident, use that beautiful you inside and out and be his sunlight for a minute and maybe more. That’s the best we wish you.
Let us know your thoughts. Have you ever tried a pick up line on a man? Did it work? Tell us all about it:

Image Source: http://sugardaddie.com/blog/power-of-women-over-men-but-do-they-know-it/