What does society view as a normal relationship?  A great husband, wonderful father, and a cheater?  A woman who is smart, successful, and dating a guy half her age?  We all see it on tv, movies, and in real life but it may seem off the beaten path for many.

We all know there are dating sites for all types of niches.  Dating sites were first created to help match people based on different criteria as potential partners.  Online dating morphed into anything goes.  Is this the new norm and is it acceptable to the general public?  The following non-traditional dating sites have large numbers of members:

Ashley Madison- 30 million plus members.  A dating site for people already in relationships who want discreet encounters.

Gleedon- 2.3 million members.  Extramarital dating site by women that caters to women.

Illicit Encounters- 1 million members.  Dating site for married people.

Adult Friend Finder- 30+ million members.  A dating site to find a sex partner.

Cougar Life- 6.5 million members.  A dating site for older women to date younger guys or young guys to date older women.

Seeking Arrangement- 3.6 million members.  Young attractive women get pampered by older wealthy men.

What’s Your Price- 650,000 members.  Wealthy men bid to date attractive women.

Some in society may have a traditional view of relationships.  Two people meet that are a similar in age, fall in love, and get married.  These traditionalists may view people who date for just sex, money or companionship with older or younger mates, while in committed relationships, as outside societal norms.

Even though dating sites were created to help match singles but morphed over time there is a new dating site that is really there to help.  FidelityDating.com was created to help infidelity survivors and those seeking faithful partners connect.  With all the online dating sites some may find offensive it’s great to see an online dating site with good intentions.

This article was originally published on January 13th, 2015 on FidelityTimes.com, the blog of the dating site for infidelity survivors, FidelityDating.com. We can find it at:http://www.infidelitytimes.com/online-dating-outside-societal-sexual-norms/.”