Gentlemen have you heard the news?! You’ll save more money looking for your mate online than dating her the traditional route. Thinking about it?

The New York Magazine has revealed some pretty interesting data, based on Convergex group, a NYC-based brokerage company: on average, the online daters would save about $6400 in dating “fees”. I guess that’s how men would call them…
When you meet that one person online. You start discovering and getting to know each other. So you don’t spend your penny on the first fancy dates, roughly estimated at $130 per date ($100 for the restaurant and $30 for the movies or other activities).
Other advantage of online dating: The pre-wedding period is much shorter. On average, couples who meet online and date successfully marries about a year and a half after the first spark, two years less that couples meeting offline.
Stiff data: “the dating phase prior to the offline marriage [can amount up to] $23,600”. I’m guessing your online dating service fees don’t seem so stiff now…
Ultimate advice to men. Don’t forget to court your lady and take her out on a date to keep the passion going and be happily married…even after you tie the knot!
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