The weather hasn’t been doing us any favor. Freeze after freeze, snow storm after snow storm. We’re enduring the 2014-2015 winter the hard way. Yet, this is not an excuse to stop your dating activities. Love opportunities don’t wait…

You’ve just met your date and it seems to be going smoothly between you -virtually (via text and calls). It’s time to brave the cold and go out on your first date. You may already have a clue of where you should take your date out. But I thought it could be a good idea to briefly remind you of a few options.

So you can either:

  • Go Ice-Skating

It’s not warm, but it’s so romantic. A real ice-breaker…

My three favorites are the Rink at the Rockefeller , the Winter Village at Prospect Park and the Wollman Rink at Central Park.They offer a nice outdoorsy setting.

Watching the sea life evolving is just a beautiful thing to experience and share.

  • Discover New York

Hop onboard of a tour bus and explore the Big Apple. There must be a reason why NYC is the #1 tourist destination in the world…

  • Visit a Museum

Pick a museum that displays art that you and your date both like.

  • Go Bowling

It’s fun, relaxing. I’m so bad at bowling but I love it. You may excel or be ridiculous, either way it’ll be amusing.

  • Enjoy a Hot Chocolate

Cute choice. Plus there’s not time of the day to best enjoy it (compared to a cup of coffee).

Click here to find out the best hot chocolate places selected by CBS:

  • Have a Nice Fondue Dinner

I’m fond of cheese and naturally recommend a fondue with cheese but the chocolate can be just as romantic.

  • Go on the Classic Movie-Dinner Date

This option is timeless, seasonless and is the most chosen first date idea. Not very creative though.


Those were just a few ideas of winter dates, more focused on the first dates. But they are plenty more – use your imagination, get to know your date and what she likes and cope with the cold!

If you have more ideas, please feel free to share at