It’s almost here; a brand new year that you can create new opportunities in.  There are so many ways that you can start your new year off right in a way where you will feel as new and improved as you want to feel.  Those relationship goals that you hoped would work out last year but they didn’t turn out the way that you hoped they would?  You can toss those disappointments aside and prepare yourself for a new year that will not judge you, reprimand you, or hold you back from setting new goals and achieving them.  This is the time for you to decide who you will grant the privilege of spending time with you in your new year, and this is also the time to decide how you are going to attract and keep the type of love mate that you want.  Here are some tips on how to do that:

Clean Out Your Closet

If there is any task that will help you to help you to jumpstart your goals towards self-improvement, cleaning out your closet is the best way to do that.  Closets are for stuffing that scarf that your ex-boyfriend gave you eons ago.  Your mementoes and clothes that remind you of your past don’t need to stay in your life, especially when you want to move on and attract new opportunities and create new memories.  Cleaning out your closet will help you to create space for the good things that are about to come into your life.

Forging Ahead

There is no use crying over spilled milk.  What you hoped would happen in previous years did turn out the way you hoped.  Now is the time to learn from your past and move forward with eagerness.  And yes, you need to be eager and enthusiastic about putting the past behind.  If you react with glumness about all of the things that DIDN’T happen for you, you will miss out on positive moments. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise that the things you hoped would work out for you did not work out the way that you wanted them to.  There could be a more suitable match waiting for you, but that potential match will not work until you prepare yourself to welcome these good opportunities.

Visit Your Local Shopping Mall for Inspiration

Fashions and trends change constantly, and if you’re not sure what new look to bring into the New Year, visit your local shopping mall for some inspiration.  Ask the sales reps for their opinions on what styles would look good on you.  Shopping malls are also wonderful places to meet new people.  Malls are also great places to go on dates, especially if the shopping mall looks modern and attracts a wide variety of people.  Get out there and explore what your local area has to offer!

Updating Your Contacts Lists

The people who were not supportive of you last year don’t need to be part of your life in the New Year. Now might be the perfect time to get acquainted with the “delete” and “block” buttons and options on your digital devices.  People who are unsupportive of you bring negative energy into your life, and if you would feel much better ending your association with those people, then you should do it without hesitation.  When you let go of one person who brings negativity, you clear a path for new people (especially your dream life partner!) to enter your life and spread some much needed sunshine.

Give Yourself a Makeover

I don’t know about you, but getting a makeover excites me very much.  Seasons change and it makes sense that we should all bring changes into our lives as well.  The best makeovers are the ones that are complete from inside and out.  Do some soul searching and decide which of your habits need to change, and create a plan to do things differently.  Examine your thought patterns and try to identify the mindsets you have that are stuck in the past.  If you want to move forward with someone new in the New Year then you need to have a fresh way of thinking.  It is difficult to succeed in a new situation when you are focused on thinking and looking the same way you did before.  Update your wardrobe, try a new hairstyle, experiment with new makeup colors, do SOMETHING to push you towards doing what needs to be done to move you into the future.

This is your time.  Now is the best time to make a much needed positive change.  When you want things to happen for you, you need to rise to the occasion and embrace all of the possibilities.  Give these tips a solid effort as you prepare to launch into what will hopefully be one of the best years of your life.  The secret to success lies in a person’s daily routine.  What you do each day will have an impact on the successful life that you are trying to build.  Cheers to your new life and love in the New Year!