Autumn is a season in which anticipation is built and dreams are developing!  Christmas will soon be approaching, and after that, Valentine’s Day. Who will take center stage in your romantic life?  If you are single and eager to meet someone during the fall season, there are endless options for you to meet your Prince or Princess Charming!  And, best of all, if you snag someone by fall then you can look forward to having a special someone to spend your winter holidays with.  Autumn is such a lovely and scenic time of year, and because of the season’s natural beauty, there are many outdoor events that celebrate the season and soak up the sights.  Here are some tips on how you can meet someone special as you get outside and enjoy the fall:

Fall Retreats

I went on a fall retreat in Muskoka a few weeks ago with my mother and her church group.  The location of the retreat was very nice and comfortable, the people were nice, and we all spent time together soaking up life’s blessings and fueling our faith.  The retreat I went to wasn’t a singles retreat, but it was nonetheless a very relaxing and enjoyable time.  Invite your friends to go to fall retreats, and ask your friends to extend the invitation to their friends.  Keep the invitation open to whoever wants to attend.  When you invite a large group to go on a retreat with you, you’ll increase the chances of meeting someone who is single and interested in dating you.  Even if you don’t meet a potential mate at the retreat, you might meet someone new who can introduce you to their friend or family who happens to be single.

Wine Tasting Events

Fall is a season when many people want to venture out and enjoy the last few months of warmer weather before winter sets in.  Get into a social mood and head out to some wine tasting events!  If wine isn’t your thing, then go to some harvest food festivals.  As you sample delicious savoury beverages and meals, strike up some conversations with people around you.  The conversations you have could lead to flirtations, and flirtations can lead to phone numbers being exchanged and dates.

Pumpkin Patch and Apple Picking Events

When I scroll through my Instagram feed at this time of year, I’m fascinated by all of the cute pictures of adults and children picking apples and choosing pumpkins at farms. Can you relate?  Apple picking and pumpkin patch events aren’t just family events; singles can take part in those activities as well. Check out some online social groups like and see if there are any singles events taking place at local apple orchards, ranches, or farms for people who want to pick their fruits and vegetables in groups. If there aren’t any events listed on the website then you can certainly create your own singles event on the site.  You might even get along so well with some of other singles who you meet, that you’ll invite them to join you afterwards to bake some pumpkin pies and apple pies with the produce you gathered at the event.

Take a Hayride

Have you been on a hayride?  Well, if you haven’t, I strongly recommend that you try this experience.  A hay ride is not only for country folk; it’s for everyone.  There are plenty of farms that host hayride events with homemade country meals afterwards.  I went on a hay ride a few years ago at a farm that my friend invited me to, and it was a delightful event.  Men and women of all backgrounds attended the event, the hayride tour was fun, and we all had a huge homemade feast at the farm.  We even had opportunities to purchase apple pie and other goodies that the farm had for sale.  We all chatted and socialized the entire time, and new friendships were developed.   New romance can blossom at these types of events, and you won’t have to worry about dressing up in a fancy way to impress anyone because everyone there will be wearing casual clothes. You can let your hair down and have fun!

Stroll Through a Park

Fall has so much beauty, and you can especially admire it when you stroll through a park to see the foliage and their pretty colors.  As you walk through the park, don’t be shy about expressing your admiration of the fall colors to the people you meet during your walk.  The beauty of the season is a great way to get a conversation started, and conversations often lead to new beginnings.  New friendships can lead to new connections, and that’s when romance can spark.

Enjoy the season of fall while you can!  You know what’s coming next; winter.  Wear a cozy sweater and venture out in your neighborhood to soak in all of the loveliness that autumn has to offer.  This is a great time to enjoy being social outdoors before heavy winter snowfall and rainfall prevents people from being as mobile as they’d like to be.  Make a goal to be active during the fall season so that you’ll hopefully have someone to help keep you warm during winter.