Love can be found in the most unexpected places…. How about in a taxi ride-share UberPool or Lyft Line?

I’m just coming out of an Uber car. There was this handsome guy sharing the ride with me and, also, a good-looking and a nice driver. The atmosphere was more cordial than jovial but it made me realized that a spark could have happened (if I was interested, my co-passenger was interested and the atmosphere was a bit more friendlier). I immediately started writing this article as soon as I got home. I searched online to see if there were stories of people who have connected while car-sharing and there are… a lot! Of course, my goal here is to urge you to start taking Uber rides after Uber rides as a strategy for your love quest. It’s more a way to tell you that it’s possible. Singles are getting tired and hopeless with dating apps and not daring enough to flirt at the Wholefoods line. It’s also easier than in a bar or on the street.

For what I’m concerned, I love chatting with people in general, joking around and getting to know them a bit. So in a car-sharing situation, I make friendly conversations 70% of the time (10% of the time I’m preparing a meeting, on the phone, pissed at something or in a hurry, 10% of the time the driver or co-passenger is not talkative, 10% of the time he speaks another language, so the communication is difficult). Here’s what I can tell regarding your approach.

Your Approach: Be Observant and Analytical but Smooth and Friendly

When you’re sitting next to a person that you like and want to take your chances, you have four main choices:

  • You can start talking with the driver, and subtly to your co-rider by including them;
  • You can talk to your co-rider directly;
  • You can wait for your co-rider to start the conversation
  • You can wait for the driver to break the ice and make the introductions.

As the rides are usually short, I would recommend that you assess the situation rather quickly and then engage in a conversation. (You got nothing to lose!)

Because this is a very specific situation, a few factors at play:

  • You’re not alone. You might be 3,4 or even 5 in the car.
  • Is your co-passenger open and friendly? Sometimes passengers don’t want to be bothered and just want a quiet ride.
  • Do they seem interested? (Did they smile at you?) Before starting the conversation. Make sure that your date of interest is also interested in you.
  • Is your driver infusing a nice atmosphere in the car and facilitating the conversation? Often times the driver will be the one setting the tone in the car and ask questions like “How was your day?” “What do you do?, “How do you like Uber?”; or will just talk about some news, the area etc.. If this is the case, be sociable and approachable when answering and, then return the questions, and include the other passengers.
  • Does your co-passenger seem romantically free and open to meet a date? (Hard to tell… but be attentive to obvious signs… wedding/engagement ring etc.)
  • Does (s)he seem preoccupied? (delayed, anxious/stressed, texting, on a computer, doesn’t seem to want to talk etc.)
  • Your intuition. Trust your gut feeling to know if there is an “opening”.

Once you have evaluated your chances, go for it (if there are good of course!)!

Conversation Starters

Here are a few things you can say to initiate a conversation and draw the attention of your potential date:

“Hi! I’m ….. (What’s your name?)”

“Is it your first Uber Pool?”…. “How do you like it so far?”

“The weather was gorgeous today. I loved it! I hope you got a chance to hang outside and enjoy it…”

“The weather was awful today. I hope you could stay in.”

“I’m going to (a bar, restaurant, lounge…). You heard about it? “ You can add “It’s the first time I go there but I read it was great.”

You can use any surrounding elements or clues as a leverage to your conversation (News, Traffic, Places you are going to, work etc.).

No Connection: Get out with a Nice “GoodBye”

These are mainly closed questions. It leaves room for your conversation partner to elaborate. If you get the impression there’s no opening and he or she is shutting off. Don’t push it!

Connection: Don’t Leave Without a Contact

If it’s going smoothly… well, good for you! You just have a few minutes to stand out and be remembered. Show them that you are interested (don’t leave room for doubts) and that you’re a nice person worthy of getting known further. If you feel that some kind of romantic connection has happened, make sure you leave with some kind of contact info or ask for theirs. In my case, I do leave my business card (most of the times for business purposes). In your case: You can simply leave your business card and say “ Here’s my business card, feel free to email me”. Emails are less intrusive. And this is a nice touch!

A love connection can also happen with the driver… In that case, use your judgement and intuition, especially if you’re not in a car-sharing context. (Unspeakable things have happened in the past…)

From my own experiences, Uber drivers are generally more welcoming and receptive than NYC taxi drivers. Plus, being nice with your Uber driver is not only good for your moral, your soul and …your Uber rating (did you know that passengers were rated as well?). I remember having a few chemistry – connections and one particularly about 2 years ago. We spoke during the whole 20 mins ride plus for 15+ mins after we parked in front of my apartment (and he stopped the counter). We had a lot in common in terms of mindset and life goals. We met a couple of time after that and spoke for hours each time. We had a lot going on in our respective lives. So it didn’t work out, but I can see a similar situation leading to a lasting and meaningful relationship.

In any case if you’re an adept of sharing rides on Uber and Lyft, keep your mind open and be approachable! Remember it’s much more accessible to strike a conversation in a confined space like the back of a Uber car than in a bar or on the street.

Any stories you’d like to share? Please feel free to leave a comment, we’d love to hear about them!