For most people, when you hear that someone has been taken out on a first date in a fast food restaurant, the first reactions are usually frowns, grinches, eye-rolling…

Taking a date to a fast food place can be a convenient, cheap idea but this unclassy move could really turn out to be a dealbreaker.

A lot of judgments can come up in such a situation:

  • “ the man didn’t put thoughts into it”
  • “the guy is cheap. He has no consideration for his date”
  • “the date is boring”
  • “this date is not significant for him”

Without getting into weighing the pros and cons, I would like to give you my ultimate advice: Date within your budget! Don’t try to show off with a fancy restaurant or to appear “cheap” with a fast-food joint or a downside place. Select a nice place to impress her just enough so she feels you have been thoughtful, listened to her tastes and, most of all, care about her. You want to make her feel special … and this doesn’t mean breaking the bank.

If you have a small budget, be creative:

  • Make the delicious home-made meal at home and invite her (but be careful!)
  • Take her out on a picnic
  • Rather than a dinner date, make it a cafe date
  • Go to a lounge or bar at a very affordable happy hour
  • Go to a tea place (Teavana or such…not everybody likes coffee)

One thing guys need to remember: Women, actually, put some thoughts into the date by wearing a nice outfit, putting on make-up and perfume etc. etc. So please make a little effort.

There are so many beautiful ways of being romantic that are not expensive. Wine tastings, free nights at the museum…A date can actually be cheap but meaningful!!! And that’s what really matters.

That being said. Gentlemen, you could actually be excused or forgiven, if you could justify that fast-food-first-date with one of these 13 reasons:

  • She told you she loves fast food and would like to go there on the 1st date
  • It’s a nice and healthy fast-food place… Chipotle-style
  • Your movie time is close and you don’t have time for sitting and waiting around in a restaurant
  • If you want to test her gridiness
  • If you don’t care about her
  • If you agreed on going to fast-food beforehand
  • If you have known your date for a while (as a friend…) and are well-acquainted
  • If you are having a lunch date and little time to eat
  • If you admire Adam Levine for taking his first date to McDonald’s
  • If you absolutely don’t mind making the date special, memorable and romantic
  • If you are 15 and use your pocket money to pay the date

From that perspective, bringing your date to  fast-food place or not may not seem like a big deal.

Ladies love gentlemen. So stay a true gentleman on all dates, not only on the first date!

Did you ever take a date to a fast food place on a first date? Let us know why at