Sparkology is an elite online dating service catering to young and successful professionals.

Founded in 2011, the exclusive, invite-only dating site has is servicing New York City singles primarily and also expanded to other cities, namely Washington D.C.

Sparkology distingues itself from other websites by offering high-quality standards and services: pre-selection of profiles, verification of graduates’ status, city concierges helping singles with optimizing their online profile and organizing their date, ingenious behavioral algoriths  that ’naturally select the best candidate for you”.

Community Manager Gaby Azulay has generously taken this interview to tell us about her site and share her views about dating.

  • What are the story and inspiration behind Sparkology?

We wanted to be the first online dating site that filters for you. Sparkology was created by professionals, for professionals. When searching through other forms of dating sites, you are never really sure if the other person claims to be who they say they are and so we do some of the verifying for you!

  • What makes Sparkology stand out from other dating services?

Besides our filtering for young professionals in NYC, we are also invite-only. All of our members have either been referred to us by other members or personally screened and sent an invitation from our admissions department.

  •  Can you explain the sign-up process for men and for women?

Men and Women are required to sign in using their school email address or social media page. Once their schooling is verified, along with their city, we send them an invite!

  • How do you make sure each member is a genuine and safe date?

We can’t ensure that every member is genuine or “safe”, but we can ensure that every member has taken the time to get their information verified and have their profile completed. We don’t allow for profiles without pictures or an about me section filled out.

  • Why do men have to be from specific schools? Does the current profession also matter?

As long as our members have at least a bachelor’s degree and a job, they are allowed access to our site.

  •  Any success stories yet?

We have so many success stories! Check them out at!

  • How do your dating concierges help men in their dating approach?

Our concierges help with everything from profiles, to messages and date planning.

  • What are the reasons that are making dating complicated in NYC?

NYC residents are generally very overwhelmed and busy. The “hustle” leaves little time to socialize, interact or notice those around you! Online dating gives them the ability to look for people at the comfort of their own home or office.

  • What advice would you give to your members to optimize their Sparkology profile?

Fill out the sparknotes, send out smiles/likes/messages and be active! Also provide lots of pictures and don’t be shy!

  • Can you tell is about your events?

We host events about once a month with other social clubs such as The Ivy Plus Society. We [just had] an event [on] May 1st at the Griffin!


You’re a Young Professional looking for well-catered and quality dating service? Contact Sparkology.Com today to get your invitation.