Since 2012, William Petz, Native New Yorker, has revolutionized the notion of partying. He created a unique concept that has become a major, if not one of the greatest, innovation in the world of clubbing: Quiet Events®. The whole idea is brilliant, yet simple: you basically have a great deal of fun partying, while enjoying the music from the comfort of your headphones, and …. no music blasting out in the room. Genius, right?

Believe it or not, this concept is not only a fantastic way to socialize but also offers a much better setting to approach a potential date. (Some event-goers have found love while partying).

Every month, events are organized all over NYC and the Tri-State area: not only in clubs, bars and lounges, but also on rooftops and outdoor places.

Will is telling us all about how you can enjoy your time and, also increase your chances of finding love while Quiet clubbing®.


  • Can you tell us about the Quiet Events concept? How did you come up with this idea?

I experienced something similar on a cruise ship in 2012, loved it so much that I wanted to do it again in NYC.  The problem was that no one was doing it, so I decided to throw my own parties.  It started in local bars, to now rooftops, beer gardens and even subways ferries and anywhere else we want to dance.

Get "Quiet Clubbing" from the app store for weekly parties

Get “Quiet Clubbing” from the app store for weekly parties

  • How does it work? How are the quiet single events organized?

Upon entering everyone gets a pair of wireless headphones.  This is 100% a party, but unlike other dance parties when you want to talk to someone instead of screaming over the loud music, all you do is take your headphones off and have a conversation.  You have an instant ice breaker! “Have you ever quiet clubbed before?” or  “I see you’re listening to blue, I like the 80’s as well”.

  • Are people having as much fun as in regular “one-music-for-all” clubs?

No, they are having much more fun!  Why?  Because you now have the ability to listen to something that you like instead of what the DJ wants to you hear.  The DJ can also tell who’s listening to him/her so if the DJ sees no one is listening then he/she needs to change up the music.  You now control the DJ!    Everyone loves to be silly, sing and dance and with the headphones that’s what happens.  It’s the “show mentality” put the headphones on and all your inhibitions go away.

Quiet Events - Couple Dancing

Quiet Events -Party-Goers dancing and flirting

  • How is the success rate of hook-up and date, compared to regular events? How do you explain it?

The bar owners tell us that more people are making out at the end of the night then normal parties.  It’s for the simple fact that if you have the perfect mix of party, drinks, fun, and the ability to actually have a conversation it’s undoubtedly the perfect scene to meet someone.

  • How is it easier for people to interact?

Much easier!  In a normal club, you have to scream to the girl or guy and most of the time you have no clue what they are saying.  This means that you are now being judge even more on your appearance.   In this situation, you don’t scream at the person and he/she can actually hear what you’re saying.  This now means she/he will need to look less at your appearance and more about what you have to say.

  • Anything you would like to add?

We have noticed that girls may switch to a different channel if a guy approaches to indicate she’s not interested in so don’t even try to get closer. It’s great as it’s much less of a put down then “I don’t like you, go away”

Weekly Parties @ or download the free app @

Weekly Parties @ or download the free app @


“Silent” party-goers are unanimous: they have a blast and lots of fun at Quiet Events parties, dancing to the music they like (being able to switch between 3 types of music) and being able to talk to their friends (or any person they’d like to approach) without shouting.

Are you interested in immersing yourself in a unique party experience?

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