Akua Hinds, owner of InterracialDesires.net, tells us about her experience as a website owner and bring a fresh outlook on Interracial dating and relationships.

Akua has multiple hats: She’s also a journalist, actor, music instructor and performer. She aims at providing options to people who want to enhance their lives and build beautiful futures for themselves. So, in addition to owning www.InterracialDesires.net, Akua owns two other worldwide niche dating websites. www.RichSinglesDate.net and www.ChristianPartner.co; plus, she is an independent Passion Parties business owner selling sensual products.  Learn more about her on www.AkuaHinds.com.


1.How did you come up with this website idea?

I came up with the idea to start an interracial dating website in the year 2009 when I was a customer of InterracialMatch.com. There was a career opportunities link on InterracialMatch.com’s site. The company was looking for people who wanted to use their marketing skills to successfully start their own affiliate dating websites through their company brand. I studied both marketing and journalism at college, and I thought that being a dating website owner would be a natural fit for me.  I have always been open to interracial dating and I knew that there were other single people who felt the same way, so, I was excited to launch an interracial niche dating website that would help single people connect with other people whose interests matched their own.

2. How many members do you have in total? Any successful story yet?

New members join on a regular basis. We have many successful testimonials on our dating website!  Many of the success stories are from people who lived in the same local area as their matches.  We also have many testimonials from members who met their matches via our site and were willing to travel  long distances to meet each other. One testimonial on our dating  site is from a woman who was in the process of moving from Australia to the United States with her three children because she fell in love with one of our American members and the two of them planned to marry each other! That’s just one of my dating site’s many real-life success stories.

3. How many matches can you count?

There are too many matches to count!  Each day, hundreds of people join the Interracial Match family, many of them through my affiliate www.InterracialDesires.net link.  There are thousands of members worldwide.

 4. What is the link between SuccessfulMatch, InterracialMatch and InterrracialDesires?

All members who join through my affiliate dating site owner link, www.InterracialDesires.net, are immediately members of www.InterracialMatch.com.  Successful Match is the parent company of the Interracial Match website, and Successful Match assists members with their credit card payment processing and any customer service questions that they have.

5. When we think about interracial dating, we usually think Black/White? What other kind of interracial dating did you witness?

Other interracial relationships that I’ve witnessed besides Black and White have been between the following ethnic groups:

- Black and Asian (Oriental)

- East Indian and Caucasian

- Caucasian and Asian (Oriental)

- East Indian and Black

- Hispanic and Black

- Hispanic and Caucasian

I’m very proud that www.InterracialDesires.net is a fully interracial dating website for members representing every ethnic group, and faith community.

6. What is there a need to create interracial dating sites?

Niche dating websites such as www.InterracialDesires.net help to eliminate the guessing games that members of other mainstream dating websites have to play in their minds, wondering if the members share common interests and values.  There is a need to create interracial dating websites because single people want to find someone quickly and not have to assume or hope that the people who they meet online are searching for interracial relationships as well. Members of interracial dating sites want to immediately know that the people they connect with are not just open to interracial dating; they actually prefer interracial dating and are seeking individuals who feel the same way.

7. It sometimes take more work and compromise to be in an interracial relationship. Why is that?

Interracial relationships can be more challenging because there might be misconceptions about interracial relationships that couples need to overcome.  Some family members and friends who have negative opinions about interracial relationships can impact interracial couples if they allow other people’s negativity to interfere with their unions.

8. How can you make an interracial relationship work?

In order to make an interracial relationship work, the two people involved in the relationship need to be respectful to each other. Making racist jokes about your partner’s ethnicity is a big no-no.  An interracial relationship will never work if one person in the relationship feels that his/her partner is inferior.  The couple needs to stand united together.  

9. What would you give to “interracial daters” (Profile, 1st date, dating game an process…)?

Interracial daters should treat their dating site membership profiles with the same amount of serious dedication that they would devote to a career resume and cover letter.  The profile photo should showcase the member only so that there is no confusion about who is who in the photograph. Only recent photos taken in the last 6 months should be used. Every profile should be completely filled out. Tell the truth at all times. For instance, don’t claim to be a non-smoker on your member profile when you know that you smoke socially. Online daters don’t like to be deceived, and any lies will eventually be uncovered once two people get to know each other.

10. What do you think causes a bigger gap? The difference of culture or the difference of ethnicity?

I think the difference of culture can cause a bigger gap in a relationship than the difference of ethnicity because cultural similarities and understanding can unite two people. Two people within a relationship need to share common ground. The saying that “opposites attract” can certainly be true, but, if two people don’t share common interests and values, the relationship will have many challenges.  Many people’s values stem from cultural teachings.  If two people are raised in a similar culture and addressing those cultural identities in their daily lives is important to them, their relationship stands a stronger chance of succeeding.

11. Generally speaking, why is it so difficult to find a date nowadays?

It is difficult to find a date nowadays because there are many options and just as many distractions.  Relationships make the world go round, but not everyone places positive value on relationships the way that they should.  Fewer people are willing to settle for being in bad relationships, and as a result, men and women are increasingly becoming more selective about whom they choose to get involved with. 

12. Have you used dating website yourself?

I have definitely used www.InterracialDesires.net myself, and I am a strong believer in single people using niche dating websites to zero in on the likelihood of connecting with other like-minded singles.  

13. There are a dozen of interracial dating sites, tell us how yours stands out from the crowd?

My dating website stands out from the crowd because it openly celebrates and accepts single adults from all walks of life worldwide.  Every ethnicity is represented on www.InterracialDesires.net, and every creed is represented on my site.  Although many of my site’s members are seeking interracial relationships, there are testimonials of members who found love on my site with people who are of the same ethnicity as themselves. My site has young adult members as well as mature single members who are searching for true love and acceptance.

InterracialDesires is free to join. So sign-up today and find your match.