I came across and discovered a new type of niche in the dating world – Aviators – with Crew Dating and loved it.

As an occasional traveller, I can only imagine how the life can be for people that make flying their life profession.

Undoubtedly, being an “aviator” sounds exciting and intriguing. But with the excitement comes an unstable lifestyle that leaves little room for a stable dating life on earth.

With this game-changing dating site, singles in the aviation (flight attendants, pilots, stewards, stewardesses) get the opportunity to connect and match with other like-minded singles.

1. How did you come up with CrewDating.com?

Crewdating.com was invented so that Pilots and Flight Attendants can find a date or meet new friends when they are away on layovers. Simple and fun.

2. What’s the dating life of pilots and flight attendants like?

Pilots and Flight Attendants are often away on layovers in foreign airports and cities. It’s exiting and fun, but after a while you need some company. Exploring new cities and places are just more fun when you share it with someone. !
Lots of crew members use Crewdating.com to find friends for sight seeing or just to exchange ideas and tips on the best shopping and restaurants.

3. How many members do you have? In NYC?

It’s hard to say 100%. Many members use Crewdating.com while they are away from home and then change their location to the city they are in right now. One of the ideas about Crewdating.com is that you can use it to find friends (or romance) while you are away.
We have thousand of members so most likely there is someone in NYC looking for a companion right now.

4. Is it really relevant for your members to live in the same City or close to each other?

While traditional dating sites often try to match people locally, we give people a chance to meet while they are away. Either on work or for pleasure. You can still meet members from your local neighborhood but it’s not that relevant since Pilots and Flight Attendants are “global”.

5. Can singles that are not in the aviation field sign-up?Why?

We do welcome members that are not directly in the aviation field, but are interested in meeting an “aviator”.
Aviation is a big industry and there are many exiting areas and therefore attract lots of different people. Some very skilled and talented. Most Pilots and Flight Attendants are also very social and some are simply just attracted by people in uniform.

6. Tell us more about the sign-up and verification process.

First of all it is free to join Crewdating.com as a basic member. We verify all members and check that they have a valid e-mail address. Once we have verified your email address (and possibly other things) you can use the site. You can write messages, chat and search the member database. Our admins also control and sample check profiles in an effort to keep the site safe.

7. Do you think Crewdating.com encourages multiple dating? (One date at each plane stop)?

Well, that is up to our members but it is certainly possible. You just need to be quick ☺
Most use it to find a date in a city where they will be for a day or two. Some also use it locally to meet someone for a long-term relationship. But again, it’s aviation, anything is possible.

8. Any success stories you can tell us about?

We feature some success stories on our website, but unless people send us their story and give us permission to publish it, we don’t share information about our members. This is to protect their privacy.

9. Tell us why pilots and flight attendants should totally sign up for Crewdating.com, compared to other generalists (Match.com, etc.) or dating sites in the aviation niche.

If you want to meet exiting people with a career in aviation, goodlooking men and women in uniform you have come to the right place. We believe that people with the same interest have more to talk about and usually have an “easier” and more fun first date. We are not as big as the general dating sites, but that is just an advantage.

10. Do you have any tips to keep an “aviation” relationship going strong?

Enjoy life and keep smiling and then find someone that understands your passion for aviation and the busy work schedule that comes with it.

11. Anything you’d like to add?

We would like to add our slogan. “Never fly solo again” It pretty much sums up what Crewdating.com is all about.