It might not be much of a challenge for you to get a girl to sleep with you after spending some time in the bar.  However, when it comes to attracting a woman that can be considered as “girlfriend material,” you will have to put in some work to be successful.  To make her fall in love, you will need to open up to her, go beneath the surface of who you are and simply expose the real you.

Stay Positive

Getting her to become interested in having a serious relationship with you will have to start on the very first date that you have with her.  In fact, if you would like to make her fall in love with you, you have to get her to become invested in you.  You want her thoughts to be centered on making you a part of her future.  Therefore, you will need to avoid negative topics like how boring your life or your job is.

A lot of guys make the mistake of using their dates as an opportunity to vent about the issues they have with their jobs.  Additionally, some guys choose to talk about negative aspects of their lives and how they are affected by them.  This has mostly resulted in the first date becoming the first and last.  Even if you are good looking and have a nice car and other outward displays of success, being negative about the happenings in your life can be a huge turn off.

A woman who is ready to become someone’s girlfriend is typically more interested in the content of your mind and your character than the content of your bank account.  Besides, a lot of people are becoming more and more interested in the power of positive thinking.  Therefore, the first sign of negativity could cause her to distance herself from you.

Don’t Brag About Your Dating Sucess

There is also the common misconception that the woman you are targeting to be your girlfriend will like you more if she knows that other women find you desirable.  This could lead to a bit of bragging about the women you date on a casual basis.  This is never a smart move.  Most women who are serious about settling down and being in a relationship will not be interested in you if you are coming across as a player.

Women who are ready for a commitment usually do not have any interest in players.  They want a man who is respectful, knows how to treat a lady and a man who is not into playing childish games.  She wants a man who likes to spend time getting to know her.  One who concentrates on making her feel unique and special whenever they are around each other.

Therefore, you should avoid trying to prove to a woman that you are a player and you can get any woman you want.  This will make you come across as being insecure, egotistical and having something to prove.  This is often a huge turn off and a lot of guys never get a second chance to redeem themselves after making these types of mistakes.  So it is extremely important that you start laying the groundwork for a lasting relationship from the very first date.

Have a vision

It is important to figure out what really gets a woman excited about a guy.  You have to present her with a vision of the future that will make her want to dig deeper and seriously consider being a part of that future.

For example, imagine for a moment Bill Gates being on a date and sharing his vision of inventing certain items and advancing technology.  Even if his current situation was less than desirable, a lot of women would still find his passion to be very captivating.  This will most likely be intrigued by this vision and want to become a part of it.  She might also be inspired to help him in turning that vision into reality.

Figure out what your vision is and ensure that you are passionate about it, especially when sharing it with your potential girlfriend.  It is of little importance if you are not actively involved in working on the vision right now.  The most vital thing is having a vision because this will show that you have drive and ambition.  It will also show that your interest in her goes beyond a need to have a girlfriend to escape boredom.  Women are usually more interested in being a part of the adventure than being the adventure.

When you are discussing your future while you’re on a date, be passionate and enthusiastic when you express yourself.  Ensure that she knows that you are living your mission and you’re determined to vision.  This will make it almost impossible for her to resist.

Women will not make it easy for you.  You might get mixed signals that might leave you with the inability to tell whether she’s being flirty or friendly.  However, if you play your cards right, she will eventually realize that you are worthy of her time and becoming a suitable partner for her.  This will make her want to open up to you more and your actions and overall demeanor will be enough to make her fall in love with you.