All human beings are sexual beings from the moment we are born and forever afterwards. Our parents, grandparents, and all of our ancestors were born as the result of intimacy.  Parents are supposed to be our teachers, but they don’t always teach us about the important things we need to know about human relationships and sexuality.  Thankfully, this is the 21st century and there are many sexual health educators who are brave enough to explore relationship and sexual health issues and share what they know through articles, broadcast interviews, books, and seminars.  I’m personally very thankful that I decided to become an Independent Passion Parties consultant so that I could become educated for myself about sexual health and relationships. It’s truly a privilege to sell sensual products and to teach other people how using pleasure products can trigger communication and enhance self-awareness.
One of the important things that I’ve learned through my business is that true intimacy and commitment should be priorities. The busy routines of daily life can often interfere with the dedication that each of us should be placing on our personal lives.  Our personal lives should be made top priority on a frequent basis. While it is necessary to work and pay bills, it is also key to learn about who we are, what turns us on, and what turns us off.  Sensual products are not just for adult film entertainers; they are products that help ordinary people to experience intense feelings of much needed pleasure. Single people can especially feel motivation and comfort from using sensual products because these pleasure tools help to release built up tensions.
Oral sex enhancement gels are ideal for men and women who want to please their partners but aren’t keen on the taste or scent of theirs or their partners’ private parts. Flavors vary from green apple, cinnamon, strawberry, and watermelon, and each flavor can be applied liberally on genitalia without fear of the ingredients causing yeast infections. Enticing scents and flavors can instantly set the mood for romance. And sensual toys come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and vibration speeds to help you gain physical pleasure. Books and role-play card games will also stimulate the imagination and get you and your partner laughing, talking, and motivated to trying new adventures together.
From c-rings to glass toys and lubricants to lotions, there are tools to help every female and male feel comfortable exploring their bodies to figure out what they love the best. Some toys are created specifically for men, for women, and for couples.  Some toys are made from silicone, glass, rubber, and some toys require batteries while others need to be charged electronically.  All of these products are designed to respond to the body’s most basic need; to be stimulated.  There used to be a common perception that men didn’t like when their female partners used toys because products supposedly “replaced” a partner.  However, that view is changing, and men are increasingly eagerly purchasing sensual products for themselves.  Some toys like c-rings (short for cock rings, or, consummation rings) are especially helpful for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.
Through my business, I teach that monogamy is best; and it truly is. There are challenges in every person’s life and relationships, but insisting on monogamous relationships for your life will pay off in the long run. As the owner of three dating websites and through my own life experiences, I fully understand and accept that not every person is destined to be with one person for the rest of their lives. Some people have more than one soul-mate and will have more than one significant romantic relationship throughout their lives, and that is totally fine. Being intentionally exclusive, responsible, and committed in each relationship you are in will add power and pleasure to the intimacy of your union, especially if your partner’s efforts match your levels of commitment and interest.  Sensual products don’t replace human beings any more than driving replaces walking. Rather, sensual products should be used to add flavor and spice similar to how adding icing to a piece of cake can enhance the taste and experience of eating it.  Please visit to access the best sensual products on the market.