We’ve just turned another page of our life story and opened a new one to 2015. A New Beginning. A New Self.

It is also a perfect time to decide what you want to achieve and make your dreams happen. For many, finding Love (with a big “L”!) is a purpose for 2015.

How about applying these 10 dating resolutions towards a fulfilled love life?

Join a dating site

Did you know that 1 third of marriages stems from a match on a dating site? What makes this option even more winning is that there is a dating site for each and every preference. (Check out our growing dating sites directory or contact us for info).

If you’re already signed up… Great! Consider a little update (new photo, revamped intro…). Make sure your profile leaves a positive impression. Also, dedicate some time to finding love out of your busy schedule.

Get out of there and have fun

More than for your dating search but for yourself, it is important to try new things and enjoy life. Join a meetup group focused on your interests, take salsa classes, try some Krav Maga, be entertained at a wine and painting evening…. Anything you will rejoice in.

You risk nothing except a higher self-confidence and a greater chance of meeting a date!! Live it up!

Rethink your approach to relationships

Sometimes we make the same mistakes again and again or accept things we don’t want until it’s too late. Some people can be overly jealous, not romantic or caring enough. Others can be immature, serial-cheaters, eternally unsatisfied. We also see people who attracts the same kind of partners over and over (players, abusers, distant partners, not-relationship-materials…). Take a minute and identify these patterns. Ask your best friends and relatives, if you don’t see it clearly. The might have been holding on to some precious info.

Be realistic!

I do believe in dreams and miracles. I have seen people meeting online and getting pregnant and engaged within 6 months (several times!). See. It happens… However, it’s important to dream while keeping your head on your shoulder. Be prepared to face the fact that things don’t always change overnight. But when the time comes, they will.

Get over your ex

How can you start fresh if you hang on to your past relationship!?

These memories have to be cherished for what they are: a wonderful (or not) experience. Now you’ve learned from it. Time to move on!

Date out of your “type” zone

There’s no such thing as an exact “type” of match. Perfection doesn’t exist.

Everyone is looking for characteristic in their date (hair color, height, shape, humor, intelligence, ethnicity, physical appearance…)Nonetheless, we shouldn’t stay attached to a “type”. Open up your mind to people (and love). Get to know your date before ruling him/her out for insignificant reasons. Don’t judge a book by its cover! You may pass onto something great…

Try speed dating and single events

What a better place to find love than at a singles’ event? There, you’re sure to meet people who all have put time and thoughts in their love search. This is also a super opportunity to upgrade your dating approach.

Be happy with yourself

Who doesn’t like to be around happy and positive people? … That’s my point.

You need to be the person that people would like to date. You’re full of potential. We all are. So, use that potential, be fun, interesting and SMILE ;-) A smile is a seductive masterpiece. It will only make you more attractive.

Dress up

Be a standout at all times. You want to be at your best when dating. With your potential, some pampering and a shopping session, you can make wonders and impress your date. More than that, you can draw the attention of “admirers”… possible dates….

Empower yourself and increase your self-confidence

You know who you are and what you are worth. If you’re not sure of it, stop for a minute to appreciate who you are. Don’t be afraid of making a list of your many qualities. Please, don’t wait on a date to validate your worth.


Now you should be ready to take control of your dating life.

Stay focused, dedicate time to your search and don’t forget yourself (what you want, what you deserve …) on the way. If it helps, use the service of a dating coach.

Happy New Year and Date On!