The best kind of first date is one that is fun and free from unnecessary pressure.  Each person has their preferences about how to spend time during their first interaction with a potential life partner, and it is important to make every effort to satisfy both of your interests.  In order to ease the pressure you may be feeling to impress, consider these fun and affordable first date ideas:
No need to be a professional athlete in order to play (and win) a game of mini-golf!  This is an especially ideal first date situation if you own more casual clothes than fancy expensive clothes.  This game can be played either outdoors or indoors; search your city for a mini-golf location that appeals to both of you.  The two of you can laugh and playfully compete with each other while wearing your running shoes, sweatpants, and t-shirts.  During the game you can chat and learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes.
Many first dates revolve around food, but not everyone shares the same appreciation for restaurants.  A picnic is a great idea for people who don’t enjoy feeling pressure to tip waiters and waitress in front of others. Like it or not, many people are very opinionated about what they feel wait staff deserve as tips.  Going on a picnic to an outdoor park with your date is inexpensive; just pack a blanket to sit on and the food that you want to eat and share what you have.
Theme parks and attractions
The crowds and cheer at an amusement park will help you and your date to feel relaxed together. You can hold hands with each other as you pace the grounds, and challenge each other to win as many stuffed animals at the game booths as possible.  Whoever loses the contest owes the winner an ice cream!  No need to go on fast roller coasters if neither of you want to; find a merry-go round or a calm Ferris wheel to experience together if you prefer.  If being out in the hot sun all day doesn’t appeal to you, there are many indoor attractions such as aquariums, and museums where you can go and enjoy the sights together while learning interesting information at the same time.
There is something endearing about bowling that creates memorable moments. Maybe it’s the quirky shoes, or maybe it’s the bowling league shirts that many of the alley’s regulars wear, but it’s rare to go bowling and not break out into a smile.  You don’t have to be a top notch professional to have fun at the game; bowling is easy to learn.  Another benefit to having a bowling date is you can make it a group event by inviting friends to join you and your date and bowl as a group. If you don’t know your date very well, there is safety in numbers when you invite your friends to be in the same space just in case you aren’t completely comfortable being alone with the person who you’re meeting.
Kite flying
When was the last time that you flew a kite? Make your first date together memorable by heading out to a local public park and flying kites together.  Kites don’t have to be expensive; you can purchase them for less than 20 dollars at your local Walmart or at any store that sells kites.  Best of all, you can stand beside each other and chat while flying your kites in the air.
You can have fun and be flexible with these first date ideas.  Focus on getting to know the person who you are seeing, and strive to show him or her that you know how to enjoy and appreciate life.  If you do that, a second date together will most likely happen.
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