I met a guy online. We talked for 4 months consistently before our first date, (my choice. crazy work hours, recent broke up and was travelling alot). Our relationship lasted 1 year, our friendship will be forever. Every time we reminisce about our first date, he always begins with what I had on. He describes the moment I took my jacket off and remembers it to every details.

You grow up hearing “First impressions counts”, “Never judge a book by its cover”, “You are what you wear”….. all of which are true. I strongly believe that clothes are a conversation without words, and dressing for dates, especially the first can be fun and stressful. What you choose determines what message you sending. I say… look good while looking like you didn’t even try. It’s like being a more polished version of yourself.

If you’re looking for a “trend” girl, I’m not her. Trends change, style remains. I’m going to help you look and feel fabulous while looking for love. As I’m sure were all excited that old man winter is gone and spring has sprung!!! Your 2 most needed accessories will be your umbrella and rain boots. Nude pumps can be your go to shoes, Booties can be worn with jeans and a cute top or with a flirty dress, accessories just enough never over-doing it.

Depending on time and location of your date will determine what you wear. Just remember….sneakers and sweats are not allowed until it’s at least the 3rd date or now a relationship. Also dressing involves the amount of skin you will expose. Pick one part to show off- top or bottom then keep it modest everywhere else. You can show him what you got, without giving him all one time.

Whether its jeans with top, sexy dress or boots and a rain coat, put the effort. Look sexy but comfortable and HAVE FUN! For fashion sake….you’re dating in New York.

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Now guys I haven’t forgotten about you. So you got her to say yes (Yeahhhh) so presentation for you as well can be intimidating. Although it’s been said that men fall in love with eyes, women between their ears we still are looking at what you got on. Nothing’s more sexy than a well presented man. You too must look effortlessly fashionable.

FIT IS IMPORTANT. I cannot stress that enough. Too baggy and or too tight is not the look you want to send.

MANDATORY: Belt, watch and wallet. Period.

If you’re looking for more than one date, do not wear shirts with big writing and or logos across your chest. Do not wear bling on jeans, front or back. No excessive jewelry. We look at your shoes, so please do as well before leaving the house.

If you dress casual for work and it’s a date after, bring a blazer. A well fitted jeans, with a dress shirt (tucked in), pair it with a tie, or a vest. TIP: look at your style, then go up one notch.

Don’t over do it or try too hard, we will know.

As I’ve said before, women fall in love between their ears so despite how polished you look, have great conversation. And if you struggle with conversation, how about wearing a conversation piece. Like a ring. One ring, remember no excessive jewelry. Or a tie, no clown tie or kiddy funny looking, but something that would be a conversation whether started by your date or you.

Confidence is sexy, wear it like it cost you a million dollar suit.

Have fun after all your dating in NY

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