It seems as if any woman who declares that she wants a man who is able to provide for her is a woman who will automatically be judged as a “gold-digger.” Centuries ago, women were ENCOURAGED to seek men who were financially secure. If you’re wondering what happened and why things are different now, the difference is that women have more opportunities to make their own money in today’s society. However, just because a woman is capable of providing for herself, that does not mean that she should ignore history and the women who lived before her. There is a growing trend of single people who are joining dating websites for wealthy singles and prosperity-minded people. It is also becoming very popular for women to seek an “arrangement” with a wealthy man who is eager to provide money and gifts in exchange for companionship, on a website such as the one I own; Instead of being labelled and judged, these women should be revered and applauded. Here’s why there’s nothing wrong with wanting to date a rich guy:


Can money buy happiness? Well, that depends on what your version of happiness is. If you define happiness as having an abundance of choices, then money can certainly help you to fulfill your goal of achieving happiness. Whether you like it or not, many people (especially men) equate their confidence with how they produce. Having stress in one’s life is natural, but how a person deals with stress is very important to watch for. And, let’s face it; few if any single women want to deal with a man who is constantly stressing out about money. A man who is wealthy has different types of stress to deal with, but he can sleep more easily at night and enjoy a life of limitless opportunities without money-related problems. As a result, his conversations are more elevate and at a different level because instead of worrying about how he can support himself, he can expand his mind to embrace other interests. A man who is financially free from debt is a man who has more time and attention to have fun with you. Fun leads to happiness, and happiness is always a good thing.

Life goals

Few goals are met in life without the support of other people. In order for a business to succeed, it needs the support of customers. Having the backing of a wealthy man is a step in the right direction towards a single woman getting what she wants. If you are an unattached female who dreams of being able to stay home with your children while your husband works for the family, then dating a rich guy should be on your list of priorities. These days, it is challenging for families to make ends meet on one income. Partnering with a man to whom money is no object is an ideal solution for the single gal who has big dreams. If living a life of lavish luxury is your dream, then don’t allow anyone else to talk you out of going after what you want. There certainly is nothing wrong with living a modest lifestyle, but you can never have too much money in the world. Individuals who have access to a lot of resources are people who are in positions to better help other people.

Personal growth

A man who is wealthy didn’t become rich by accident. He either gained his fortune through an inheritance, or he gained it through his own work efforts. In any case, a man who is financially successful has a lot more than just his fortune to share; he also has knowledge about how to climb the corporate ladder. Whether he is an employee or an entrepreneur, a wealthy gentleman understands the value of being the best that he can be; he has to strive to be his personal best if he expects to keep his position in his career. People only earn executive incomes when they are excellent at doing their jobs. You will learn more about how to strive for personal excellence when you match yourself with a man who makes excellence his priority.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to date a rich guy. There is everything right about wanting to align yourself with a man who can make positive things happen for himself, for you, and for anyone else who you choose to help together as a couple. Philanthropy provides change, hope, and a future. It is difficult to contribute to other people’s lives as a couple when you are broke. Of course, it doesn’t pay to play with a man who doesn’t treat you well. But, if you meet a man who is debt-free, financially secure, treats you well and he showers you with gifts and attention, do the right thing and take a chance on love.