We often think that being fulfilled is highly reliant on being in a relationship. This is untrue and anti-   productive. Ask yourself that simple but deep question: Are you happy? Are you content with yourself?

How do you answer that question?

If you don’t feel happy, what is missing? Money, mate, kids, life, the right job. There is no secret to that …   you need to be happy before anything else.

Now, how to be happy?

This is another deep question. Happiness is not a goal it is a way of life. Don’t spend your time pursuing    it. Just live it, experience it to the fullest. Make a list of what would make you happy and start living it in  the now not later. Life doesn’t wait. Joy doesn’t wait.

Have you ever thought that being in a relationship would solve the majority of your problems, would make you more likeable, sociable, even successful or confident.

Guess what? All this relies on you. You are responsible for your well-being!!!


Here are some tools to ensure your happiness and contentment:

  • Do activities
  • Follow your passion
  • See your friends and family
  • Work in a job that you love
  • Settle for a true long term relationship
  • Listen to your dreams
  • Enjoy the Sunshine
  • Work out at least 3 times a week
  • Smile everyday (even for no reason…who said you need a reason to be happy and smile)

Once you’re fully happy with yourself and with your life, you’ll be more attractive to your dates. You’ll be proud of yourself.

Here’s a thought by life coach Brandon Richards: “Believe or not, many guys feel the same : “If I could find the right one then, I would be happy.” But the two should met as wholes, not halves looking for completion.” (www.brich4life.com)

You’re on the right track!