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New York Dating Life aggregates all the info, resources and tips you’d need to date in the City.

We share experiences and insightful advice… We also reach out to up-and-coming and seasoned dating experts and sites/apps owners to reveal in short, enlightening interviews the best they have to share!

With thousands of dating sites, dozens of NYC dating professionals, a few events happening all over the City every day and promoted on different (scattered) websites, new dating apps launched every month… We put all this on one single site and simplify your search! Let’s make it as easy as it should be!

New York Dating Life'sMission and Values

Looking for a date in NYC is not an easy endeavor. It’s virtually a full-time job, equally time-and energy-consuming for both genders.

Figuring out the places to meet, developing your online dating profile, interacting with potential daters, attending speed dating events, consulting a dating coach, being stunning at all times (in case you meet the ONE randomly)…
I’m not even mentioning all the emotional involvement: the excitement, the “butterflies”, the feelings, the romance, the disappointments….

When juggling all this with your personal and work life, it can become a tough challenge!
There is no magic formula, but there are ways to ease the dating search and dating process. And we’re here to help.
At New York Dating Life, we work every day to get you the best of the options available out there:

– Dating Sites
– Dating Coaches
– Matchmakers
– Places to meet a date
– Dating Advice

All we want for you is love!

Please feel free to connect with us at contact@newyorkdatinglife.com.


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