A first date should be exciting.  After all you have spent time getting to know this person online so meeting them in person is a huge step towards what could be a potential relationship.  Show your partner how awesome you are after all that is the entire reason they agreed to meet you!  Stay away from a few bad habits and you will be one step closer to becoming a happy couple.

1)  Checking Your Phone

In the age of modern technology we are connected to our phones 24/7.  It can start out small, you want to see the time and suddenly you find yourself responding to that hilarious text your best friend sent you.  After all, it’s just one text.   Oh, and look there’s an email, you can just take a peek.  No, keep your phone in your pocket.  A first date is a no phone zone.

2)  Talking About Your Ex

Everyone has an ex.  Unless you are asked a direct question about your last relationship, don’t bring your ex up.  There is no good way to bring up an ex on a first date.  If you bash your ex, your date will take this as you are bitter and clearly not over the relationship.  If you praise your ex, your date will also come to the conclusion you have not moved on.  There is no positive outcome when it comes to talking about an ex.

3)  Discussing Your Financial Situation

This is not a topic for a first date.  My goodness, if you’re a man and you’re going through a struggle, once those words come out of your mouth suddenly your date thinks you want her to pay the bill.  As a woman, I have had this happen and felt I was being given a guilt trip.  Ladies, you’re not off the hook, if you bring up your finances and put on the sad face, the defenses go up too.  Men don’t want to feel like their potential new partner could be a gold digger.  These conversations are best left for down the road.

4)  Complaining

I love hot guys. However, I would much rather have an average looking guy with a great personality over a hot guy with a terrible personality.   I want someone who will laugh if the food is terrible and enjoy the evening together anyway.  I don’t to  be talking about cold fish an hour after dinner.  Always keep in mind that like will attract like.  If you are out with an optimistic person and you begin to complain about the smallest things, it will be a huge turn off.   This is your first date, smile and have fun!

5)  Getting Busy

Call me old fashioned but I want to know that I am not confusing lust with love.  I also worry about my reputation.  I don’t want to be that girl that says “I never do that.”  I have heard from my brother and my buddies too many times that whenever they hear a woman say that what they actually here is “I always do that.”  If you meet someone you like take the time to get to know the other person so when it is time to get busy it will actually be special.

I have had my share of first dates and hope my advice will help you in your dating adventures.  Happy Dating!