Everyone gets those nervous tremors on the first date.  You’ve waited for the big night and he/she looks exactly like their profile picture.  You’re wondering if you look like yours.  Your mind is running wild.  You just want something to calm you down so you can relax and enjoy your date. Stop, don’t order that Long Island Cocktail! 

Here are five reasons to go alcohol free (or reduce your alcohol intake) on your first date:

1)  First Impression

You want your date to have a good impression.  I have been on dates with men who have had multiple drinks.  I often wonder if he drinks this much on a date how much is he drinking at home?  It’s similar with women, you are leaving yourself open to come across as a party girl.  You want to remembered for your sparkling personality not how many sparkling beverages you can handle.

2)  Sharing TMI

 It’s fantastic when you can be open with your date, in fact you want him/her to know more about you.  However, under the influence of too much alcohol you may begin revealing too much information.  You definitely want to leave something to talk about for your second date.  Plus does your date really need to know your lactose intolerant in the first few hours of meeting you?

3)  It’s a Bad Decision 

Ah, if alcohol bottles would just come with a warning label with two stick figures getting their groove on, wouldn’t we all be a bit wiser?  Enough said.

4)  So You Don’t Display Immaturity

Unless your date has no expectations he/she is expecting you to conduct yourself in an adult manner throughout the evening.  This means you will be on an equal playing field.  The conversation should be interesting and intelligent.  It’s fantastic if your date is attractive but it takes more than that to have a successful first date.   If your date feels more like a babysitter than an equal he/she will not want to see you again.  No one wants to date someone who acts much younger than their age.   If you act this way now, how would you act in front of their friends?

5)  So You Don’t Show “Liquid” Courage

I am the first to admit when I have a few drinks I say things I would not normally say.  If you’re like me the same could happen to you.  The last thing you want to do is confess your feelings to a person you really like in a drunken outburst on your first date.  While it’s great to let someone know how you feel there is a time and a place.  It’s definitely not tipsy on your first date.  That is a sure way to scare someone off.  Don’t ruin a good thing because you one to feel relaxed for one night.  In time you will feel relaxed minus the alcohol.

Everyone is nervous on their first date including your date.  Within the first hour or so this typically calms down.  Enjoy the feeling, it means you’re alive and you’re out with someone you actually like.  Don’t mask one of life’s good feelings with alcohol.  Be yourself and have fun nervousness and all.