Sometimes a simple, inexpensive gift/attention means much more than a clingy present. You feel that things are getting serious and you want to make your date feel welcomed and comfortable in your home and heart. Here are a few things you can give your date on Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank:

∞ A set of keys to your place

That’s definitely a #1. Your guts tell you that he/she is the one? Go for it.

Offering A set of Keys to Your Place On Valentine's Day

Offering A set of Keys to Your Place On Valentine’s Day

∞ A drawer

I saw that in two different tv shows. I thought it was beautiful.This is such a heart-softening gesture.

∞ A bathrobe with his embroided name or initials

Well you want to keep your date warm…

∞ A personalized cup of coffee

Coffee, Tea… A cup with a sweet loving message, his name or his astrological sign.

∞ Room in your closets

It’s not tangible but I believe it’s really important to ensure your date doesn’t feel like a suitcase-guest in your home. This + the drawer= Perfect!

∞ A piece of Jewelry

For her, a ring (Ladies love rings). For him, an engraved bracelet (with a little “I Love You” message on the back??)

∞ A Man’s Cave Toiletry Set

Man's Cave Toiletry Set- Source:
Man’s Cave Toiletry Set- Source:


Grooming Products For Manly Men…

A Pandora Bracelet

Meaningful piece of jewelry, A Pandora bracelet is also the perfect gift to remember special moments.

∞ A “Things Remembered Item”

Things Remembered is THE place for symbolic items. We can’t grow through them all but here a couple.

∞ A 3 Piece glass Decanter Set by “In God We trust”

Great hand-engraved gifts for couples that are settling…

Set Of Glasses- Source: InGodWeTrustNYC.Com

Set Of Glasses- Source: InGodWeTrustNYC.Com


∞ A photobook with pictures of you (both)

Illustrate your love story in pictures. Fill a quarter or less of the book with your pictures and leave the rest for the time to come.

∞ A foot in the door doorstopper

So kitsch, but so symbolically fun. Show your other half that he/she not only has a key to your heart but a foot in the door of your hearthome.

Show Her That She Has A Foot In The Door - Source:BaronBob

Show Her That She Has A Foot In The Door – Source:BaronBob

∞ A personalized love story book

Write your story day after day together

∞ A pet

It may be too early to talk about kids, marriage… blah blah blah. However, if you both love a common pet, how about getting one for each other…. I let you set up the living arrangement ;-)


Before going for one of these gifts, rethink the option and do not rush thing. Making your date happy but you uncomfortable or the other way around. Just don’t scare him/her away.