NYC is a tough place to meet people, but it is feasible if you put a little faith into it. Turn off that TV, get off your couch and start looking around!
You might think that your usual nightspots are the way to go. It is in certain cases. But how about some change? How about you try different places where you might find that kind, thoughtful man or that smart, beautiful lady?
We have browsed around and found 13 places where you can meet someone special  (13… because it is a lucky number at NYDL):
Whole foods
Whole Foods is definitely a place where health-conscious singles can meet over a stack of vegetables, while waiting for your cheese to be sliced or simply on the way out. No wonder why the Whole Foods Bowery has been nicknamed “the meet market”.
We recommend going shopping at a Whole Foods Store on Fridays and weekends, that’s when singles are most likely to shop.
New York Public Library
We’ve picked the main library on 42nd street but any library is worth a shot when looking for a single person with knowledge and inspiration.
Visiting the MoMA is a great way to stumble upon a cute, smart intellectual. It is also an occasion to unwind in a place “that fuels creativity, ignites minds and provides inspiration” (Source: MoMA website) after a long busy week. FYI, every Friday from 4 to 8 pm, it is open to the public for free.
Cooking Class at ICE
ICE is a good spot for singles for many reasons. 1st, it offers many fun classes among which classes exclusively for singles. 2nd, you’ll be broken up into teams (more closeness!). 3rd, you’ll know that the men taking the classes know how to cook (or will sure do soon after).
 Not interested in cooking classes? Check out the New School and NYU schedules for evening classes for adults… You may find another vocation!
Central Park
Central Park is one of the best New York City places, to meet singles and people, in general.
More than just an urban park, Central Park is a land of treasures, beauties, free events, fun activities and attractions. Excellent to enjoy and relax!
Greenwich Village
Vibrant, The “Village” (as we like to call it) is undoubtedly one of the coolest neighborhood hangouts of Manhattan. Whether you go there to listen to some Jazz or Blues performances, admire the street deco or dine in a fine restaurant, appreciate the moment and keep your eyes open.
Barnes & Noble
More than a sea of knowledge, B & N is a place to enjoy while reading a magazine or indulging yourself with a snack. You may find there an aspiring artist, professional student or entrepreneur there. Who knows…?
Religious places
If you are a strong believer, one of the best places to meet someone who shares your values is most certainly in your religious sanctuary. Some religious houses even create opportunities for singles to connect (events, groups, volunteer actions…)
Whether at the gym or in a fitness group, it sure is fun to socialize with a like-minded and like-bodied single. Don’t forget to take off your headphones!
Enjoy the comfortable vibe of a Starbucks Coffee place, while gazing around. You may just go there to sip up in your coffee cup, but it doesn’t hurt to take out your nose from your book and look around. You may like what you see. (any other popular coffee place  will do the trick- Caffee bene, The Coffee Bean).
Some would say “why volunteering?”. I’d say “why not?” It’s a nice way of helping people, pets and the world around. Plus, it will have a positive effect on you. Plenty of options are available in NYC.
Check them out: NYC Services NYC Cares
At least you know that the people you meet there have a good heart and genuine intentions.
Meetup groups
NYC is one the cities where the Meetup trend is the most popular. Here Meetups flourish like hot cakes. Our recommendation: Sign up with a meetup of people sharing your interests or , be bolder, and try a singles Meetup events.
Transportation and travel-related places
When it comes to travelling, the possibilities are endless. You can meet a single lady or gentleman while on the plane or the train… While being on a city tour or simply relaxing on the beach. It won’t cost you anything to open a conversation and enjoy the company of a charming person. Au contraire!
Hopefully with those few ideas you’ll find your match… Just get out and get moving!
NY is a huge city. It should have been easier for singles to mingle…but it’s not..  If you don’t find the one… at least you will have the opportunity to expand your network and maybe make new friends.
The subject here was to see what places were taken us out of our comfort zone to find a prospective date. We will, of course, elaborate on future articles on online dating sites, speed dating events, bars, restaurants, lounges , clubs, hot spots etc. where many love stories have blossomed.
Don’t give up yet.. Be creative, confident, seem approachable and always be a standout!
We welcome any love stories: please leave your comment or email us! It’s always nice to hear that it happened…