You’ve probably watched the commercials or heard about it… Match is one of the leading dating site in the US and worldwide. Millions and millions of people have tried it and found successful relationships. If you’re looking for more than a hook-up or casual dating, it’s the destination for you. But why should you try it rather than other dating sites? Here are 10 reasons.

1. Members are committed on there

Compared to other sites like Tinder or POF,’s members actually have to pay to enjoy the main features of the platform. This means that they are a bit more involved. They actually put their money where their dating profile is.

2. You’ll get an abundance of choices has the largest user base. It boasts over 20 Millions of members from 24 countries and in 15 different languages. You’ll get exposed to quality, like-minded potentials in your area.

3. We got a free three-day trial for you

If you don’t want to invest and want to test’s dating pool, sign-up for a risk-free complementary three-day trial…. Click right here!

4. Their membership fees are pretty affordable

If you’re conquered after the trial, go ahead and sign-up to increase your odds of finding that special someone. They membership costs are between $20 and $30 per month. Here’s an extra 25%!

5. You’ll have a better luck finding a date has a high success rate. Hundreds of thousands of singles find a meaningful relationships each month on The company’s Team is constantly contacted by couples “sharing their love stories, sending invitation to weddings and announcing the birth of new babies” (source:

6. You can trust it with your love like

The service has a great reputation. It’s one of the oldest one and yet the #1 go-to place for online daters. For over 20 years, countless members have placed their trust in the site and found their soulmate. To top it all, the matchmaking platform makes privacy, confidentiality and integrity as priority and ensure these principles are reinforced with its dedicated Customer Care team.

7. It the best for long-term relationships

According to, is the most suitable website for people looking for serious, long-term relationship or who are marriage-minded. Their Big PLUS is that they facilitates the dating search process with their Stir Events.

8. It leads to more second dates than any other dating sites

Well, you’ve probably seen the commercials (or maybe not ..Here are a couple Commercial 1 Commercial 2 ) 1st date are easy to get. 2nd date not so much!

The good thing is that Match’s members are more inclined to serious dating, so more open to second dates.

9. They organize in-person events

As shown by a 2013 Pew research, 1/3 of online daters actually never meet in real life (Offline!). See article.

With The Stir Events, gives their members the opportunity to meet physically and get to know each other in a casual setting (a lounge, a bar etc.)

10. You got nothing to lose

Life is full of surprises. has initiated 100s of thousands relationships. You got nothing to lose by trying. Think of it that way. One month-membership will cost you less than a one night out or a date night. Invest in your dating life and make it happen.

My ultimate advice is that you get out of your comfort zone, sign-up, fill out the profile as efficiently as you can (it’s your dating application!) and try it (seriously try it!). - View Photos of Singles Free